I wouldn’t leave my beloved critters in the hands of just anyone and I don’t expect you to either! Before we begin building our relationship, we’ll meet for a casual interview and you can see how your pets and I respond to each other so everyone is as comfortable as possible with the process.

Furthermore, read on to learn more about what I do and how people have felt about my services over the years!

Ace lived a happy care-free life! All of the photos featured on this website are of my personal cats.

In addition to pet sitting, my animal care experience includes volunteering with animal shelters and TNR programs, working at vet clinics as a Vet Assistant, Animal Caregiver, and even an Animal Bloodbank Technician. I have been a Feline Program Manager and Primary Cat Caregiver at shelters, plus I volunteer as an independent state-licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator for mammals, reptiles, and birds! I am also currently in college to become a Veterinary Technician. My experiences with animals have given me a variety of skills to implement into my care-giving abilities such as knowledge of multi-species’ animal behaviors, medical issues, and much more. Pets with special behavior or medical needs really hold a soft spot in my heart, too!


These are some of the tasks I am very comfortable with:

  • Administering medications (pills, liquids, transdermal, topical, etc.)
  • Administering subcutaneous fluids or injections (Insulin, B12, etc.)
  • Tending to medical and dietary needs
  • Monitoring for common signs of illness
  • Socialization and enrichment
  • Nail trims and applying claw caps
  • Cleaning ears and light grooming
  • Litter box Maintenance
  • and much more!

Check out my certifications and testimonials

Check out my certifications and testimonials!

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