Sometimes, leaving your pets with a caregiver is easier to manage than having home-visits for them to be taken care of. For situations like these, I’m happy to offer them a quiet, safe, and comfortable space of their own in my home for Boarding! Your cats or critters will have their very own bedroom with furniture, toys, windows, scratching post and shelves, and other pleasantries. They will have plenty of space to play, lounge, and let their personalities shine! I have two rooms to choose from:

Oz’s room (10 x 11) – Click here for a video

Tres’s room (11 x 14) – Click here for a video

Proof that cats are up to date on vaccines and flea preventative is required. Exotic pets can be set up in their appropriate caging in a separate quiet area.

I also offer transportation for pets that are boarding!

Boarding per day: $40

Pet Transportation to or from home per trip: $5

Other tasks such as medical care, light brushing, nail trims, applying claw caps, cleaning, ears, etc are charged at the Service provider’s discretion. Premiums apply to transports greater than 15 miles away.

Old Man Mercedes. All of the photos featured on this website are my personal cats.
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